If you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way

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Story of a roll vendor who easily earns more than most of software engineers!


I WANT OUT! No doubt many of us, who are engaged to a monotonous 9-7 job, have felt this at some point of time in our life. The idea of being one of those people who quit their job to become their own boss, and embrace success, is indeed fascinating. But be honest, when it comes to doing it, it’s simply too unnerving and frightening an idea. Being jobless, no source of money, demotivation by friends and family, facing the highly competitive world- these are the things who have stopped god-knows-how-many talented individuals from changing the world. But there’s few, who stood unhindered, not sure, not fearless, but with one thing in mind, ‘I have to do this, I’m going to do this!’


An answer on popular site ‘Quora’, by an anonymous roll-vendor in Pune took many by surprise. The 27-year-old person has a Hons. Degree in English, quietly left his home in Bihar to start a small joint in Pune. Today, he simply sits at the counter and collects money, with four people running the shop under him. To a question, ‘What is your monthly salary’, he responded by sharing detailed information of his income, and till date 31 thousand people have upvoted his answer.

Number of rolls per day- 250

Average margin per roll- Rs.30

Total expenses per month- Rs.78000

Total net income per month- Rs.1,30,000 approx.

When his family consisting of numerous engineers considered him a blot, he simply left. An even today, he’s an out caste. Except his mother, no one even knows in his family how much he makes. Yet he’s happy. He’s seen many ups and downs in last two years of business, and has made it. Having bought a flat, he plans to start an another joint soon.

He’s one of the many who live their dreams, breaking the trends and expectations of the society. While many tried to stop him, including his family, he knew he had to go on, and that too alone. His story is enough to stir an ambivalence of emotions in many. He decided to chase his dreams, and has never regretted one single day after.

While a joint roll may not sound a fancy idea for business, the take from his story is simple. Follow your heart. Do things in a big way. And when a times come when the whole world stands against you, stay unwavering, for the night is darkest before the dawn. The crazy zest put into work and loving what you do are key ingredients to success infused with happiness and satisfaction.

You can take the world, but first take the first step. And, believe in yourself.


Here’s a link to his blog – Stumbled and Rolled

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