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From being a small company since inception, you have come a long way. Things are sailing smooth and the money is good too. But there’s something missing. Something to package the hard work and excellence you put in your work. Something to make you stand out from all those you are competing against. Something to again make the growth curve sail up and up.
If you can relate your business to this, we just might have the solution for you. & it’s simple enough to put you in awe. Design. Yes, you heard it right, the vague term with innumerable interpretations and zillions applications might be the thing you have been searching for long. Just wait enough for us to convince you.
There’s no denying that the current era is about the ‘looks’ and ‘feel’ of things. What looks attractive and classy, our mind automatically relates it to quality and excellence. Somehow this thing has been woven into the intricate tapestry of human subconscious that we don’t even realise how much impact this has on our lives. Here’s where ‘design’ comes into the picture. From visual to product, from user interaction to animation, from user experience to sound and gesture, Design has carved itself a niche in all spheres of human existence.
Now the million-dollar question is- How design affects my business? Well design brings to your company what colours do to a photo. It makes your business look alive. Design covers much more than just the outward appearance of products or the graphic elements of things such as your website, packaging and marketing materials. It brings to you the identity that will make people recognise you among your competitors.
Here’s what Design has to offer-
• Increased sales of product or service
• Improved market position
• Great customer loyalty and satisfaction
• Stronger identity
• Innovation for new products
• Boost your business strategy
Slideshare, Pinterest, Behance, Flickr, Instagram and many others have in common one fact- they all are design co-founded business. Their design way of thinking transformed their start-up into top companies with million in revenue. Many other Tech-giants like Google, Apple, Facebook have invested in Design, just because they realise how important it is.
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. “
-Steve Jobs
Design brings 3 major prospects to your company-
1. User experience
2. Marketing
3. Branding
We agree, after discussing how important design is for business, one might get convinced and yet not be in a state to define design. And that is the thing about it. It can’t be put into words, it’s a feeling to be experienced. According to your work, hiring a web designer, graphic designer, industrial designer, interface designer or a UX designer, or maybe a combination of more, might be one of the best thing that can happen to your business. It’s simply an investment-a risk worth taking.
Design study is in trend with great institutes like NIDs, IITs, etc. offering a number of design courses. Pick out the best talent for your business and watch the change it brings to your company.

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