Your competitor is hiring interns. Here’s why you should too!

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Your competitor is hiring interns. Here’s why you should too!


You might have discussed it in your meetings. You might have planned it but never crossed the threshold. We agree. Starting an internship program is intimidating at first, especially for a small- medium size business. But in this cut-throat competitive world, maybe hiring an intern or more this summer, might be the best reap in your company’s interest. Here’s why-

  1. Freshperspective– Having a new young individual working in your company can bring new innovative thinking both in projects, as well as organisational workflow. A look from a new angle at what the company might be doing wrong, can boost your company’s position.
  2. Future employees– Researches have found that employees picked out of internship program have a high retention percentage, and bring more productivity for the company. Offering a job to the interns you like, might help you sweep the best talent out there, during recruitment.
  3. Short term support– If you are looking for a helping hand for summer, without having to pay a large amount, an internship program is your best bet. Accomplishing immediate targets and expanding your business goes hand in hand with the program.
  4. Easy to find– Internet has completely turned around our life, and made some daunting tasks astoundingly easy. With plenty of internship hosting sites in the market, finding the right intern has become a cakewalk. Even the college internship programs have been highly simplified to make you sail through the process.
  5. Human resource testing– An internship program will give you a good idea of skilled man power preparing for the industry. Moreover, the program allows a better insight into each individual working, proving itself as a lot better option than recruitment interview.
  6. Marketing– This is one of the foremost marketing strategy worth employing by newer businesses, to spread their word in the educational sphere. A good internship experience can go out a long way to bring publicity to your company, by word-of-mouth method.
  7. Bring new technology– The interns that you hire are a great way to bring in some new technology hitherto unexplored by you. Hiring interns with diverse skill set is bound to bolster your success foray.
  8. Quick learners– Youngsters are quick in learning and will definitely put their best foot forward to make a good impression. This works in the company’s benefit to have courteous stalwarts working with them.
  9. Supporting student community– After setting foots in the market, maybe it’s time to give back to the community by providing internship opportunities for the students. An intern helps a great deal in applying the theoretical knowledge and getting a hands-on experience of the industry. Bridging the gap between Industrial and Educational spheres works in the best interest of all.


Okay, I decide to hire an intern. What’s the catch?

While there’s many positives of hiring an intern, you should consider these facts before devising up the program-

  1. Have time- Internship isn’t a low-cost help. As an employer, you need to have the time and resources to first train the intern, who might completely lack application skills.
  2. Only if you hire- Internship program is for your company only when you are looking to hire junior work-force in your company. If you aren’t interesting in a candidate for job recruit, you may need to reconsider.
  3. Lack of professionalism- Interns are still untouched by the hand of industry and thus lack a touch of professionalism. Keeping this in mind is essential while dealing with them. Entrusting them with some high-responsibility task is something you need to think twice for.

If you can handle these facts, then the time has come to set the gear and look for the best candidate out there!

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